Adolescent Literacy in the Content Areas

Summer Institute Series – 2016

Newburyport, MA

DATES:  6/27 – 7/1
TIME: 8:30AM – 3:30pm
LOCATION: Newburyport, MA
INSTRUCTORS:  Joshua Lawrence (resume) & Lisa Aulet (resume)


Newburyport poster



Essential Course Questions:

  • How can we effectively support adolescents in developing disciplinary reading/writing/thinking skills at the middle and high school levels?


Sub-questions to be addressed throughout our week together:

  • What is “disciplinary literacy”?
  • How can content-area teachers increase students’ disciplinary reading/writing/thinking skills?
  • How can teams of teachers support a wide range of learners (struggling readers, ELLs, LD, etc.)?
  • What roles do technology, professional learning communities, and discussion-based protocols play in facilitating disciplinary literacy instruction?


Understanding Goals:

  • Understand that there are deep connections between each content area (i.e., discipline) and the ways in which we must encourage students to read, write, and think like historians, mathematicians, scientists, etc.
  • Understand the notion that reading/writing strategies must be carefully selected and adapted to match disciplinary purposes and particular students’ needs.
  • Understand the different literacy needs of students who struggle with reading, especially second language learners and students with learning differences.
  • Understand how technology, professional learning communities, and discussion-based protocols can support disciplinary literacy instruction.