We have a strong agenda of internal evaluation and invite you to explore these results.

All of our coaches have also been researchers as you can see in the profiles listed in the who we are section. However, some of our members have published research relating directly to our consulting work. Here are two examples:

Ippolito, J., Charner-Laird, M., & Dobbs, C. (2014). Bridge builders: Teacher leaders forge connections and bring coherence to literacy initiative. JSD: Journal of Staff Development,35(3), 22-26.

Charner-Laird, M., Ippolito, J., & Dobbs, C. L. (2014). Teacher-led professional learning. Harvard Education Letter, 30(5), 8, 6-7.

We conduct anonymous course evaluations after every summer institute and responsive coaching inquiry cycle. The big picture from our last round of institute surveys was impressive: every participant reported either being satisfied (13.6%) or very satisfied (86.4%) with the institute. You can read all of the results from this report here.
Below are just a few testimonials about our 2013 Summer Institutes:

• All content was both relevant and of high priority for participants.

• Great Instructors

• It gave me strategies that I could seamlessly incorporate into my curriculum.

• It had great flow.

• It kept my attention and the teachers put extra effort to make sure math material was covered.

• The instructors had very clear agendas and goals set forth from the start.

• The first day dealt with theory and throughout the week we put it into action.

• Comfortable peer interactions.

• Great instruction.

• I thought the instructors were incredible and taught lessons about literacy while incorporating the strategies that we could use as teachers in our content areas.

• The instruction was easy to follow. The content is useful. It motivated me to become a better teacher!

• Many of the activities and protocols we used in this class can be utilized in my classrooms. The flow was very good.

• I was very satisfied because I learned so many things that I can use in my classroom this fall.

• Pace for the breadth and depth were excellent. With 25 years of experience I found material/group of colleagues informative.

• The professors were very knowledgeable. They were flexible and gave a lot of feedback and strategies.

• The course was very comfortable and had a lot of open sharing of ideas and gave a plethora of strategies to incorporate.